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Jessica Palmer

Jessica works in both 2 and 3 dimensions with paper of all kinds. She mixes the techniques of paper cutting, collage and sculpture to explore and capture movement, shape and space. Paper is cut, crumpled, crushed, glued and layered. She works with Bible paper, recycled and vintage and lace papers. Her work is sometimes decorative and detailed, sometimes sculptural, and often gleeful.

A dominant theme in her work is the human face and body which she explores in her Illustrative Life Drawing and Drawing Life with a Knife workshops, and in her own portraiture. Another is nature – feathers, leaves, shells, fossils, flowers, trees. Birds’ movement, expression, texture, flight, balance and variety find their way into many pieces. A paper sculpture of a shoe is molded by the shapes of cut birds; a paper tutu dotted with cut paper feathers, a life size Tudor ball gown is adorned with a bird of paradise, a paper parasol is a giant circling peacock.

Her inspirations come from historical characters and symbolism, ancient paintings, embroidery, tapestries, costumes, lace, knitting, stained glass.

Paper cutting, folding and shaping requires pattern and rhythm. Jessica’s interest is in using this fragile material in figurative and story-telling forms and paper structures; experimenting with the seemingly endless possibility of paper as a medium.

Jessica is a Visiting Artist in museums and galleries in Bath, Bristol, Nottingham, Southampton and London.


Charles l


Paper Bird Necklace


Peacock Kimono detail



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